Completing a book is to reach the summit of a high mountain only you have seen. It wasn't an easy task, but you did it. After the revisions and copyright registration, it's time to face another obstacle, even harder than the first.


Surely you've heard about some of the obstacles that authors face when trying to find an agent or a publisher. Still, you print out a few copies of your book (or go to the nearest copy shop) and send them to three or four professionals that you see as ideal for it. Months later, you have your answers - and this will take long even if they accepted e-mail submissions. In polite letters, thanking you for the opportunity to consider your work, they realize its value, but prefer not to represent or publish it at this time. You select another eight or ten professionals and go back to the nearest copy shop (or purchase a few more ink cartridges for your printer) and the cycle repeats itself, even with subsequent rejection letters. Deep down, you did not believe it could be so difficult. It ends up being disturbing to see that months or years after the completion of your work, it still remains in the drawer.


This is the reality of 199 out of 200 works produced. Still, you should not give up. Many BEST-SELLERS only managed to reach the market after dozens of rejections. The biggest problem is the cost of this process for the author.




On the other side of this issue are the other victims: agents and publishers. Although they are not, in the majority, large corporations, they need to process hundreds of new submissions each month. In a first screening, they realize that many of the works received are not even compatible with their editorial line. Publishers of medical books receive collections of poetry; fiction book agents receive legal works, and so on. Even among the works properly directed to them, many are of contents that do not interest the company at that time, while others submit notably poorly written texts. And after all, there are still dozens of works that must be read, forcing these professionals to recruit consultants to judge for them. Imagine the work of maintaining this constant effort of analysis and applying it to everything that arrives. And every day new piles arrive.

Note that there is a  factor of chance in this relationship. The same agent or publisher may reject or approve the same book at different times. This means that in addition to showing competence, both sides need to count on luck to be simultaneously ready at the right time. You know how hard it was to write your book; finding a good publisher for it should not be comparable to an expensive lottery.

Well, to solve this problem is exactly why we are here!




PUBLISHERS' DESK is a tool designed for the needs of both sides of this problem. Here, your book is presented to hundreds of agents and/or thousands of publishers around the world, 24 hours a day. Spending money on printing and shipping your manuscripts is no longer necessary.

PUBLISHERS' DESK has the editorial lines (i.e. published genres) of all registered agents and publishers. These professionals can perform intelligent queries in the databases of authors and works, and then choose what most interests them at that time. And more: when your book is promoted on PUBLISHERS' DESK, many of those professionals who select and publish works of the same genre are immediately informed about your newest addition.

By providing your book's data on
PUBLISHERS' DESK, you will be presenting your work in a way that fulfills the professional standards and allows publishers and agents searches to be done according to their style and format. This includes supporting information, such as a query letter, synopsis, author's résumé, etc. Additionally, even if you allow your work titles to be seen by visitors, the text itself will only be available to agents and/or publishers. You also do not need to provide the entire book if not desired, because these professionals, when interested in your work, will usually ask for a printed copy. Unlike the old method of randomly soliciting agents and publishers, now it's worth spending your printer's ink.

We have a free plan, with limited functionality, and two subscription plans (annual and semi-annual). During this promotion, with a single subscription you can place as many works as you like on the PUBLISHERS' DESK!


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