PUBLISHERS' DESK is dedicated to stay in contact with agents and publishers, while constantly upgrading the technological tool provided to them, thus streamlining the process.

To have your works available to agents and publishers in many countries, you do not pay. You invest. And you can choose between two types of plans:


Yes, it is a single payment
We also have the free plan, with limited features (*)



It's true. This is all you need to give your works (books, book proposals, and short texts) a good chance of being evaluated by literary professionals interested in exactly what they are: good quality texts. Here you make them available to HUNDREDS of agents and/or THOUSANDS of publishers from MANY COUNTRIES, with the additional advantage of using our optimized services, designed to properly promote them.

Attention: for a limited period, aside from being offered the promotional value, additional works by the same author will be accepted without any extra cost. If you have, of your own, more than one work you wish to make available to agents or publishers, this is the time to bring them to PUBLISHERS' DESK. And more, for every new subscriber you refer, you earn a 20% discount on your next renewal. If you refer five new subscribers, your next renewal will be FREE, whichever plan you have!

(*) With the free plan, your works are promoted to agents and publishers in your home country only, and solely on promotional dates, such as DESK DAY. They will not be informed about your works and, other than on this date, they will not be able to see them in their searches on the portal. International promotion is not performed for non-subscribers, even on DESK DAY. And the author is not informed about visits to their works.

With the subscription plans, it is just a single payment and your works are promoted to all agents and/or publishers registered on the portal (you decide if the promotion is to agents, to publishers or to both), for the duration of your subscription term, without interruption. And the author is informed about the number of visits their works receive.



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