Since 2007, PUBLISHERS' DESK has been attending the literary market with a thorough dedication, bringing authors and publishers together and helping in the publication of works in several countries.

The quantity and quality of the testimonials we receive from our users (which may be seen in the link “Testimonials”, above) are a great pride to our team. We have celebrated the landmark of 100 published works, then 500, then 1000, and we stride firmly in bringing many thousands of titles to the market, always published by companies that are active in their countries.

PUBLISHERS' DESK is more and more a bonding element among publishers, agents, authors and service providers. A union that connects all the English-speaking world, and sees no boundaries, not even with other languages.

Today we see books entering a new era of modernization and diversification. This is great. And everything starts with the important and necessary union between authors and publishers.
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