1 - How can I create my ad?
It is simple. Please click on the “Services” sphere and then on “Register your services” in the blue box on the right side. You will then be able to fill in your information and configure your ad as you prefer.
2 - What is the cost to promote my ad on PUBLISHERS' DESK?

It is only US$ 24.99, and your ad will be this powerful:

1) It gives the option of attaching your photograph, which attracts on average 65% more calls than without it.
2) It allows you to register up to 3 services.
3) It includes a mini-résumé, where you can be more specific about your services.
4) It includes a link to your website, if you have one.
5) It is large and highlighted with a blue background.
6) It is shown in the scrolling box, on the website's login page.
7) It will remain active for 12 months

3 - Who will see my ad?
Your ad will be presented in searches made by authors, agents and publishers from all over the world. You can check how these searches are made by clicking on the large button on the right in the “Services” area, where you can read “Find the service you need”.


4 - What types of services can I offer?
There are many, from translators to revisors, from illustrators to experienced employees for publishers. The list is long, and it can be seen when preparing your ad. You can also suggest new literary service categories so we may always keep our portal dynamic and effective. Please note that some services need additional information, that will be automatically requested.


5 - How will I be contacted by someone interested?
You will receive an email from PUBLISHERS' DESK, with the contact information from the person interested. We remind you that PUBLISHERS' DESK is not to be held responsible for these contacts, be it the service rendered or corresponding payment issues. All responsibility for these relationships are assumed by the negotiating parties.
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