1 - How much does it cost for agents to join PUBLISHERS' DESK?

Absolutely nothing. It is a free service to all agents.

2 - If we have not received an invitation or a previous contact from PUBLISHERS' DESK, can we still register?

Absolutely. Just clickon the "Agent" sphere and then on "Register New Publisher" on the main screen and provide the required information. Then PUBLISHERS' DESK will contact you/your company to validate your access data.

3 - Will all of our data be displayed to visitors and authors at PUBLISHERS' DESK?

No, just your editorial line, which is information usually disclosed by the agents. However, you may also decide at any time to replace this data with a public notice. If you prefer, you also have the choice of not disclosing any information.

4 - When we access an author's work during searches, will they be informed of our activities?

They are only informed about the number of times their works were viewed. Agents normally prefer to remain anonymous during their searches, and PUBLISHERS' DESK ensures them this convenience.


5 - How can we configure our editorial line to refine our searches at PUBLISHERS' DESK?

This is a procedure that is part of the agent's registration process. Each of the 200+ genres (fiction and non-fiction) can be selected individually or in groups, in order to expedite the process.

6 - Can we redefine our editorial line?

Yes. All settings that define your searches for works can be changed freely at any time.


7 - How do searches work at PUBLISHERS' DESK?

They are agile and easy to do. Just check the genres defined in your editorial profile, set some additional parameters and, in seconds, pronto! You will have everything that conforms to your definitions. Maybe tens, hundreds or thousands of manuscripts, depending on your search restrictions.

8 - How often should agents search for new works?

Whenever they wish. Every day many new works are being posted at PUBLISHERS' DESK. The more frequent searches are made, the better the chances of getting that perfect book.

9 - How can we refine our searches at PUBLISHERS' DESK?
There are 5 ways to refine your search criteria:
- Genres defined in your editorial line 
- Language of the works searched (a specific language or all)
- Keywords
- Already published authors
- Works that have received the Gold Star Award

The Gold Star does not actually restrict viewing the works. If selected, it will give priority to books that have earned this qualification, while the others will be presented afterwards.
10 - When we find interesting manuscripts, are they only available in digital format?
No, you can receive them as you wish. By clicking on the work's title, you will instantly receive a copy in digital format for your evaluation. If you prefer a printed text, just press the button to contact the author and ask them to send a hard copy. With PUBLISHERS' DESK, you only see manuscripts that interest you and only receive, printed, those previously approved.
11 - In what order are the works displayed in a search result?

This you decide. It can be chronological, with the most recent works first, in alphabetical order, or by page count.

12 - How are the works displayed in the search result?

Each work submitted is visually identified with a specific icon, that already includes its basic data: genre and number of pages. The number of pages is included merely as a reference, since it can change significantly when reformatted by a third party. When passing the mouse over the genre, it will appear in full. The help icons display the cover letter, the synopsis and the author's résumé. By clicking on the main icon or on its title, the agent receives a digital copy of the work. For more details, click on the "Agent" sphere and then on the second info box on the right.

13 - Can we see the works of a specific author?

Yes, you just have to use the author's name or pseudonym as a keyword in your search.

14 - When we access an author's work during searches, will they be informed of our activities?

They are only informed about the number of times their works were viewed. Agents normally prefer to remain anonymous during their searches, and PUBLISHERS' DESK ensures them this convenience.

15 - If we wish, can we directly contact an author?

Absolutely, this can be done easily. The most convenient way is to click on the contact icon (the A icon) that appears with each work in the search results.


16 - How does the contact work between agent and author?
It is simple:

1) The agent selects the work he or she wishes to represent. This work will appear on the agent’s Choice List and the author is immediately informed.
2) The author contacts the agent directly and both parties decide whether they will sign a contract or not. If they sign a contract, and after this contract is validated, the author must inform the system by clicking on CONFIRM, in this work’s registry (where this agent’s contact is shown). If a contract is not signed, the author must click on DECLINE, in the same work’s registry.
3) The agent receives a message from the portal, informing the author’s selection.
4) If the author selects CONFIRM (which means the contract was signed), the work will be bound to the agent, meaning all contacts from publishers will generate a message to them, as well as the regular message to the author.

- During the period before the author’s selection, the agent may also give up representing the work. In this case, the author will receive a message from the portal informing this.
- Even after the confirmation of the representation, at any moment any party can cancel the commitment, and the portal will inform the other party. Clearly, this cancellation only confirms, in the portal, a contract cancellation already done by the parties.


17 - In what forms can we receive recomendations of works?

An agent may receive recommendations in two different ways:
1) The portal itself will automatically send alert messages, if you have filled in the e-mail fields for this purpose. You will only receive suggestions according to your editorial line.
2) Other literary agents may also recommend works to you, using the internal message system.

18 - What are the e-mail alerts?

E-mail alerts are messages that PUBLISHERS' DESK sends to the agents to inform them of new works that fit their editorial line. The agent is thus immediately informed of each new work that may be of interest. For this, please mark on your registration that you agree to receive e-mail alerts.


19 - What is the Choice List?

The Choice List shows all the works contacted by the agent, the ones currently being negotiated as well as those already represented.


20 - What is the NETWORKING tab?
Inside your profile you will find the NETWORKING tab, where you can contact any publisher or literary agent registered at PUBLISHERS' DESK.
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