See how searching for interesting works can be easier than you think. The genres that  your
company publishes are already registered with PUBLISHERS' DESK. You can modify them at any time, whether it be due to changes in your company guidelines or simply because you want to search for something different . Additionally, you can specify keywords that are used to select works or may also give priority to already published authors or to works that have earned the Gold Star Award, a recognition of quality at PUBLISHERS' DESK.

With all these features, using PUBLISHERS' DESK is extremely easy.  Here's an example of how the works are presented to you:

Preview de livro com Estrela de Distinção

This is a book of fiction, of the genre MYSTERY, written in English from the United Statesl and has 292 pages. By clicking on the letter 'L', you can read the query letter of the book. The letter 'S' will let you see its synopsis. In 'R', you can read the author's résumé. By clicking on the book, the biggest icon, you can download the file. The triangle with the letter 'L' will add this work to your Choice List, while the circled letter 'A' can be clicked if the publisher wishes to contact the author directly. The Choice List is a selection of works that you found particularly interesting and wish to evaluate more carefully. Often a publisher's employee selects the works for their management to review later, directly into the Choice List. The yellow background and the star on the right show that the book received a Gold Star Award, and the symbol of the pen indicates it was written by an author that has already been published. The counter displays a total of 7 visits to this work.


This is a proposal for a legal book to be written in English from the United Kingdom and with a 200-page estimate. The letter 'E' shows the author's experience, which accredits the production of this work. By clicking on the proposal, the project description is displayed, including the estimated date of completion. The other icons you already know. A proposal for a book always refers to works of non-fiction genres and can not receive the Gold Star Award.


If you chose to search for short works, just click the large icon - in this example, a chronicle in Spanish. The letter R shows the author's resumé. As shown by the pen on the right, the author has already been published.

Pronto! You already know how to use PUBLISHERS' DESK. Now just enter your username and password on the main page and let's get started. You never imagined that a screening and selection process could be so agile and productive!

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