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I have signed a contract to publish the first 2 books.
Thank you for your service so far!

Bruce Grant

Your site works!
Akoli Penoukou

Just a word of thanks for this site. It enabled me to find a publisher for my novel. I'm happy!!!!!

Since posting my manuscripts on Publishers Desk site, four of my titles have been published, and two of them are award winners. Thank your for being the amazing platform where authors, publishers and agents meet and form lifelong alliances. It has opened amazing doors for me.

Jeanette Skirvin

Dear publishers desk, a Big thank you, for your site! Always courteous and quick to answer any concerns. Having posted my works to your site this year my first book is now being published internationally as you read. I have recommended other authors to your site as well. So much easier and economical than mailing out manuscript after manuscript. Your site took the sting out of finding a home for my book. The way of the future, Kudos!!

Tammy Berg

Two of my titles have been published and are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and worldwide hubs.
Thank you sincerely for being the incredible site where I listed my works where indeed an executive publisher did find me.

Jeanette L. Skirvin

I placed my short stories with you both as short stories but some of them also as a book (a collection of stories)....through you I was contacted and my book will now be published 

THANK YOU for helping my dream come true...

I'm deeply grateful


Anette Engman

Thank you for your help and guidance regarding agreement with the publisher.
Having your back-up and advice has made the negotiation more viable and given me the confidence to discuss terms and conditions regarding the publication.

Pam Heller-Stern

Thank you so much for being a trusted support for writers all around the world.
Dietra Reid

Thank You so much, my book has been published and is out and selling well. Thanks to your website it took only a short time to be discovered.
Hans-Christian Wagner

I want to thank you for letting me register and post my work on your site; what a great opportunity this is for writers everywhere!
Only Agents and/or Publishers can see my name

I have great pleasure in informing you that my books, which I've had displayed on your website, have now been published as e-books as well as printed books.
Thank you very much, and keep up the good work.
Steve Dennison

Today my novel was published after they found it on Publishers Desk.

I cannot describe how thrilled I am.

Many, many thanks.
Carol Tetlow

Thanks – your site is wonderfully designed.
Geoff Anderson

Having gone through your web site, I find your concept of work organization amazing.
Dusica Milosavljevic

Well worth the $.
Chuck Hughes

Just wanted to thank you for this great and much needed service. It shows the innovative mind-set and approach to the much needed publishing industry, KUDOS!

What an amazing site!
Geoff Anderson

I am pleased to tell you that I now have contracts from this publisher for BOTH the books I featured on your web site.
Thank you. The best compliment I can offer is that your site actually works.

Leon Berger

Really, u r the best.
Ahmed M. Issa

(...) Great site, by the way!

Herman Agency
Ronnie Ann Herman

Your website is great!
Laredo Publishing

You're a bunch of marvels - THANK YOU
Akinyi Princess of K'Orinda-Yimbo

Your site sounds like a winning concept.
Christine Dake

I am happy to tell you that the new homepage is fantastic. It really helps new authors, since it's highly didactic and addresses many doubts when it's time to publish a book. As far as the 2-minute video is concerned, I would recommend watching it several times. With every passing day, Publishers Desk becomes a stronger presence in the marketplace and is now known by a large number of literary agents and publishers from many countries on several continents.
Miguel Nogales Lorente

It's a brilliant concept.
Popshot Magazine

I want to thank immensely Publishers' Desk, because I never thought of such efficiency. Thank you and I intend to continue with Publishers' Desk.
Maria Dudah Senne

You are very attentive.
Kátia Carvalho

You can not imagine my joy upon receiving such news! I was so apprehensive and tired of negative results that I considered giving up, then got this message...
Raquel Rocha

Thank you for your cooperation and, in fact, we shall conclude that PUBLISHERS' DESK is an excellent working tool for authors that brave the arduous journey of publication.
Only Agents and/or Publishers can see my name

Gentlemen at Publishers' Desk, I am honored by the interest of publishers in my writings.

Maria Dudah Senne

I am happy that my registration at Publishers' Desk is having an effect, because my desire is a traditional publication, with a publisher that can well distribute it and get it in bookstores.
Only Agents and/or Publishers can see my name

I was left very content and thank you from my heart for the work done at Publishers' Desk; wishing you all a lot of prosperity.
Rita Rabelo

I would like to inform you that I just close agreement with a publisher who will be responsible for the work on my second book. Thanks to the work at Publishers Desk, I'll be taking another big step toward becoming a nationally renown writer / author. Thank you and may God grant you good health and much success on this important path. Best wishes and success always.
Wilson Rodrigues da Silva

We would like to thank you for the opportunity of being with Publishers' Desk.
Bemol Online - Publishers

I want to congratulate your initiative for being very useful and it certainly will be an excellent work tool.
Petit and Butterfly - Publishers

Congratulations on your work!
E-book Cult - Giz Editorial

I would like to thank on behalf of our company for the immense service, putting us in touch with several authors. You are to be congratulated for the efficiency of the system.
Parentese Publishers

Darlings! I come with the heart full of happiness to inform that my book will be published and it will be available before the end of this month!
I will be thankful for the rest of my life and I will never forget (...) A great and affectionate hug and once again, THANK YOU very much!!!
Natasha Novinsky

Thank you very much for the promptness and for the excellence of this site.
Luciano Milici

I'd like to thank you.
I already received several proposals, and I am in negotiation with 4 publishers.
My sincere gratitudes.
Nita Mota

I commend the work done by this institution in the promotion of the works to publishers. In the short time between the sending of a copy of the work and signing a contract, I received offers from three publishers, and chose the one that made the best offer. You are to be congratulated.
Jaime Moraes

It really was a wonderful year ... This year I had my first contact with you, and thanks to this I have my first book published. I am grateful to God and to you for this ...
Daniel Toniolo

I applaud you for your professionalism.
Ivo Crifar

I greatly appreciate the candour of your procedure. I'll be one of the largest promoters of your site.
Charles Calil

I'm writing to thank you. I am registered with Publishers' Desk for about two months (...) a publisher contacted me and now my dream is a reality, the work has been published. THANKS to everyone at Publishers' Desk for the opportunity given to all new authors.
Wilson Pereira Figueredo

It is with great satisfaction and joy that I am informing you my first book was published. Thank you for the tremendous opportunity.
Ana Mikaellu

 I want to thank you again for all the dedication and guidance I received from you guys. Many publishers have contacted me due to the release on this website. I'm still in the final decision, but I will probably close a contract (...). Thank you again and I wish you a lot of success!
Ana Maria Ruffo

(...) In the interim, I received proposals from two imprints. I just "closed" with one of them. Soon the book will be found in 'points', available to the reading public and anyone else who might be interested. I affirm that the publishers found me through "Publishers Desk". Therefore, the work done by you in relation to new authors, including myself, is very good. I am very grateful to Publishers Desk for promoting my work, for the tips and the opportunity.
David Eme

I appreciate the information received from Publishers Desk.They are timely, informative and stimulating. Congratulations on a job well done.
Suzete Piovesan

I would like to thank and congratulate this site for its prompt service to the user.
Anmyr Sutan

Hello, Publishers' Desk, I wish to commend you on your service. In less than two months of registration on the site my work was solicited by two publishers. I still have not signed a contract with either of them, but I would like to thank you for the site's intermediation and the great service. Again, congratulations!
Victor Hugo Valois

I'd like to thank all the people at Publishers Desk, for the excellent initiative to promote such an encounter between author and publisher! The proof is that through you, today, I have my book published and it is being released in bookstores. The book is being greatly accepted and you merit all the credit, the credit for having been the main link for this dream to become true! To you my thanks and hopes you continue growing and being a great example of dedication to our Culture!
Licínia Ramizete

I appreciate all your hard work and commitment. I closed a contract for the publication of my book.
Sandra Mathias

I received a positive response on the publication of my work. Thank you to all at Publishers' Desk.
Carlos Zerff

Being a part of Publishers' Desk is wonderful, I feel honored!
Hadassa Flor

I recently signed up my book with Publishers' Desk and to my delight there is already an interested publisher. Within a few days I intend to send my new book to you. And when my subscription expires, I will renew annually. I will mention this site to a friend freelance writer.
Antonio Mendes

 I was very pleased with the exposure of my texts at Publishers' Desk.
Sayonara Lino

It is with great pleasure that I report I am closing a contract with the publisher, whose proposal made me very happy. Once again thanks to the great commitment to the mediation of this contact.
Aparecida Cerdeira

Inform your team that my novel will be published. I would like to thank them for the opportunity created by this interesting site.
Wanilda Vale

I am very happy with the result of my registration.
Lane Lacerda

We appreciate Publishers' Desk's promptness and professionalism in dealing with writers. The opportunities really come through at Publishers' Desk.
Regina and Kassyo

Through this contact, the publisher learned about my work and signed a contract for the publication of two books. Both were in Publishers' Desk. I want it to go on record here, my happiness, my admiration and respect for Publishers' Desk, which allowed me to realize this dream.
Carlos di Venna

You have an excellent service, fast and efficient.
Douglas MCT

You guys are great. I admire the clarity and organization. (...) I am already in touch with a publisher, an indication of yours. Congratulations.
Valter Persil

A publisher got in touch with me and soon after, the book was published. I feel I should inform you of this great ahcievement. I believe this event validates the value of the site and its magnitude.

Branca Tirollo

I would like to take this opportunity to say that, for me, it is a great pleasure to participate with Publishers' Desk.
Keila Abreu

You guys are a model team of websites.
Paulo Bel Marco

Regardless of my projects being realized here, you deserve congratulations, congratulations not formal, but warm, full of joy, because the attitude reveals vision, and it certainly is already contributing greatly to the culture of our country and with each day more . The realization of dreams might not even happen here, but you prepare an environment for it to happen, this is what matters.
Marcia de Conti

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