PUBLISHERS' DESK is a major manuscript submission portal, dedicated to bringing authors and publishers together. Authors submit their works (complete or in part), so that publishers and literary agents will see them. Should the material pique their interest, these professionals will be able to contact the authors with the intention of publishing their work.

PUBLISHERS' DESK greatly increases opportunities for your works to be published, for we promote them to a significant number of agents and publishers.

In just a few short years, PUBLISHERS' DESK has made possible the publication of many hundreds of works in various countries. Today we serve around 190 countries, thus providing our authors access to ever broader horizons. To have your works promoted to the agents and publishers that work with us, it is first necessary to complete your registration (click on "Get started now", then click on "Register New Author" in the blue box on the right).

Information about our free plan and our annual and semi-annual promotion plans, as well as PUBLISHERS' DESK's general conditions of operation can be viewed by clicking on the links on our home page. For authors, most doubts can be resolved through the "FAQ" link, and clicking on the main buttons. We also suggest watching our video presentations.

A semi-annual subscription is a single payment of US$ 49.99. The annual subscription is a single payment of US$ 59.99. With these plans, and during this promotional period, you may place as many of your works as you would like, right on the PUBLISHERS' DESK.

Signing up today and submitting your works is worth it even if you do not intend to subscribe at this moment, because PUBLISHERS' DESK has periodical promotions, such as our DESK DAY, in which agents and/or publishers can see all works on the website, even those of non-subscribers. Note: DESK DAY is valid only for promoting the work within the author's home country. Agents and publishers from other countries will not be able to see the works, until the author subscribes.

2 - Will my book be published?

Although PUBLISHERS' DESK cannot guarantee that your book will be published, it is the most efficient way to promote your work to many literary agents and/or publishers at once. Your chances of reaching the national and international markets are much greater with PUBLISHERS' DESK.

3 - How much could I earn in advance payment and royalty percentage if my book is published?

That would depend on the conditions of your contract with the intended publisher. PUBLISHERS' DESK, today, does not participate or interfere in these negotiations, but we will help as much as possible, especially in clarifying your doubts.

At PUBLISHERS' DESK we are truly interested in your publication.

4 - Why should I use PUBLISHERS' DESK? Can't I just send my book to the publishers as I've always done?

You could mail your works to agents or publishers. However, that means spending time and money on each copy of your book and then sending it to each agent or publisher. After arriving there, it would go into a queue for sorting and analysis that normally takes months to complete and it would need some luck to arrive at the time they are looking for that type of work. PUBLISHERS' DESK, for a fraction of what you would spend on prints and shipping, allows your work to be presented to hundreds of agents and/or thousands of publishers for a long period of time.

5 - There are agents and publishers who accept book submissions by e-mail. Why do they use PUBLISHERS’ DESK?
Normally, even those accepting e-mail submissions take a long time to get back to the author. This is because their problem goes beyond desk space: it is about their agility in sorting out works. When using PUBLISHERS’ DESK, agents and publishers can see works that were pre-selected according to the genres they work with, their preferences related to authors, languages, and other criteria. They can even search works by keywords.

PUBLISHERS’ DESK also provides a private service to help agents and publishers manage the works submitted to them via their own websites.
6 - Does it take long to register with PUBLISHERS' DESK?

No. You only need to fill out the author's form with some personal information, as well as submit the works that you would like promoted on PUBLISHERS' DESK. It is easy, and if you need help we suggest watching our instruction videos or sending an e-mail to us at support_24h@publishersdesk.com.

7 - When I register as an author, will my name be displayed to all visitors?

Only if that is what you want. You have the option of leaving your name visible to everyone, leaving your name visible only to agents and publishers, or using a literary pseudonym. In all cases, agents and publishers will always have access to your proper name and résumé.

8 - What types of works can be included on PUBLISHERS' DESK and how are they presented?

You can submit 3 (three) types of works: books (fiction and non-fiction); book proposals (only non-fiction); and short works. At PUBLISHERS' DESK your works will be shown with the following visual features:


Fiction Book: This book is an example of the genre "Mystery" with 292 pages. The pen indicates this is already a published author and the star testifies that this work received the Gold
Star Award.

Non-fiction book: An example of the genre "Marketing", with 158 pages.

Book Proposal: An example of a proposal for a book in the genre "Legal", estimated to have 200 pages.

Short work: An example of the genre "Chronicle". The icon in this case is smaller, with the title and genre placed beside it, to improve the presentation. On the side, the fountain pen icon indicates that the author has been published. These alterations are practical, due to the larger amount of shorts works typically made by the majority of authors.

9 - What are book proposals?

Often an expert will want to write a book on their studies. In this case, it may be prudent to consult the interests of publishers before the task of writing the book. When preparing the proposal for publishers, the author needs to provide a description of the book idea, as well as their experience on the subject and estimated data, such as number of pages and time to completion.
There are some limitations when promoting proposals: they are not shown on the open lists, they are not presented to agents and they are seen only by publishers from the author's home country.

10 - What are short works?

They are short stories, chronicles, poems, reflections, essays, criticism and various other kinds of texts that are normally produced without the intention of composing a book. Publishers, however, may be interested in compiling some works by the same author or assembling a collection of works by various authors.
Short works are not presented to agents.

11 - I have some short stories and I have a book of short stories. How should I submit them to PUBLISHERS' DESK?

If you have short stories collected into a book, you can submit it as a completed book, under the genre "Short Stories". The other texts can be included as single short works, in the genre "Short Story".

12 - Does PUBLISHERS' DESK accept any type of content?

Yes, because the author is positively identified and is the person solely responsible for the content of his works. However, PUBLISHERS' DESK reserves the right to refuse works deemed unlawful, fraudulent, threatening, disparaging, defamatory, obscene or otherwise objectionable, or if there has been a violation of the intellectual property rights of others.

13 - What file type (format) should I use to send my works?

You may use Word files (doc, docx, rtf and txt) or Adobe files (pdf). In the case of short works, it is also possible to copy & paste the text directly into a specified field.

14 - How do I define the genre of my work?

During the process of adding a new work, PUBLISHERS' DESK will guide you. For books of fiction or non-fiction, you can select up to two genres, if you believe that your work will be better defined with a primary genre and a secondary genre. Proposals and short works receive only one genre.

Here is the complete list:


Comic Book/Graphic Novel
Family Saga
Role Playing Games
Short Stories
Textbook/Educational Book


Chick Lit
Children/Juvenile Fiction
Fiction - Other
Historical Fiction
Legal Fiction
Military Fiction
Religious Fiction
Science Fiction


Alternative Medicine
Animal Care
Arts: Craftwork
Arts: Design
Arts: Photography
Business: Administration
Business: Entrepreneurship
Business: Marketing
Business: Sales
Cuisine: Beverages
Cuisine: Culinary
Cuisine: Gourmet
Cuisine: Nutrition
Cuisine: Regional
Essay: Criticism
Essay: Reflections
General Interest - Other
Personal Finances
Physical Education
Prevention/Treatment: AIDS
Prevention/Treatment: Drugs
Regions: Amazon
Regions: Argentina
Regions: Australia
Regions: Basque Country
Regions: Brazil
Regions: Europe
Regions: India
Regions: Italy
Regions: Japan
Regions: Other
Regions: South Africa
Regions: Spain
Regions: United Kingdom
Regions: United States
Tourism: Cities
Tourism: Rural
Women's Issues


Academic: Dissertation
Academic: Monograph
Academic: Research
Academic: Scientific Methodology
Academic: Thesis
Administration: Condominium Administration
Administration: Hospital Administration
Administration: School Administration
Essay: Criticism
Essay: Reflections
Film Industry
Human Resources
Human Rights/Citizenship
Human Sciences - Other
Information Systems
International Commerce
Language Arts
Law Enforcement
Library Science
Literary Criticism
Religion: Budism
Religion: Candomblé
Religion: Christianity
Religion: Hinduism
Religion: Islam
Religion: Judaism
Religion: Spiritism
Religion: Umbanda


Computer Science/IT
Engineering: Chemical
Engineering: Civil
Engineering: Electrical/Electronic
Engineering: Mechanical
Engineering: Metallurgical
Engineering: Production
Exact Sciences - Other
Quality Control


Agriculture & Animal Husbandry
Alternative Medicine
Biological Sciences - Other
Prevention/Treatment: AIDS
Prevention/Treatment: Drugs
Speech-Language Pathology


Short Story
Text - Other

15 - How can I submit and upload my work?
It's easy:
After clicking on "Get started now":
1) Enter your account by typing in your username and password in the blue box on the right side (if you do not remember this data, click on "Forgot my info" in the same blue box and you will receive this information in your email account you registered with us).
2) In your profile, click on the WORKS tab.
3) Submit your work by clicking the ADD BOOK or ADD SHORT WORK button, depending on the case (or click "Edit" next to your work if it has already been submitted). You have now entered into your work registry.

Note: Within the registry of the work, under the PRESENTATION tab, the items "Upload your book" or "Upload your text”, depending on the case, allow sending the file. Click "Browse" and enter where the file is saved on your computer. The file must be one of the formats accepted by our system (DOCX, DOC, RTF, TXT or PDF). Then click the "Send" button to start transferring the file and wait for the result.
If you have any doubts, we suggest watching the video "How to submit my work" at our instruction videos area.

16 - Do I need to send my whole book?

If you would like to send the whole book, there is no problem. Some authors prefer to send only a part of it, up to page 50, for example. The choice is the author's and PUBLISHERS' DESK provides both options.

17 - I have changed my work and I need to update its file. Should I delete its profile and make a new one?
There is no need to delete your work in this case. Just enter your work's profile and upload the new file “on top” of the old version.
It's easy:
After clicking on "Get started now":
1) Enter your account by typing in your username and password in the blue box on the right side (if you do not remember this data, click on "Forgot my info" in the same blue box and you will receive this information in your email account you registered with us).
2) In your profile, click on the WORKS tab.
3) Click "Edit" next to your work to enter its profile.
4) Under the PRESENTATION tab, click "Browse" and enter where the file is saved on your computer. It must be in one of the formats accepted by our system (DOCX, DOC, RTF, TXT or PDF).
5) Click the "Send" button to start uploading the file and wait for the result.
If you have any doubts, we suggest watching the video "How to submit my work" at our instruction videos area.
18 - Can I retrieve one of my works after uploading it?
Yes, it's easy:
After clicking on "Get started now":
1) Log into your account by entering your username and password in the blue box on the right side (if you do not remember your data, click on "Forgot my info" in the same blue box and you will receive this information at your email address registered with us).
2) In your profile, click on the WORKS tab.
3) Click "Edit" next to your work to enter the work's profile.
4) Click on the tab HOW AGENTS AND PUBLISHERS SEE IT to confirm your work was properly uploaded. You can click on the work's title (next to work's icons) to receive it on your computer.
19 - Will agents or publishers print a copy of my book to evaluate it?

Generally, no. When an agent or publisher is interested in your book, they will probably ask to contact you directly and then request a printed copy. Instead of spending money on multiple copies and submissions, at that time it will be worthwhile to print a copy for these professionals, who are already interested.

20 - Who will be able to see my works? Can anybody see them?

No. PUBLISHERS' DESK is a portal used only by professionals, and your work will be seen only by agents and/or publishers. You may decide if you allow your works' data (titles, author, etc) to appear on the alphabetical lists, that are public - except for proposals, which will not appear. However, just agents and publishers will have access to the text of the works - through portal searches - and the author decides whether this access will be allowed to agents only, publishers only, or both.

21 - How can I be sure my work will not be copied?

Although it is not required by law, we do recommend that you register your book with a trustable Copyright Office as soon as it is finished. We recommend the Works Copyright portal (www.workscopyright.com). You may check here for more information: www.wipo.int/members/en. By doing this, your work will be protected in the 170+ countries listed in the Berne Agreement.

Furthermore, at
PUBLISHERS' DESK, only you and literary professionals (agents and publishers) may access your works - and PUBLISHERS' DESK keeps track of the identity of the professionals who access your works.

22 - How can a literary agent help me?

Literary agents advise authors when dealing with publishers. Their job is to recommend the works that they consider to be appropriate to publishers, help the author in the evaluation of contracts, etc.
PUBLISHERS' DESK is a valuable tool for their work, where they can find publishers for their authors while searching for interesting manuscripts that will meet their publishers' needs.

23 - In what countries is the work of literary agents most common? Do I need an agent?

Agents are very common in English language countries, particularly in the United States. In proportional comparison, Spain and Gemany also have a significant number of agents. There are publishers, especially in these countries, who only accept represented authors. Thus, in certain cases, it may be highly advisable for an author to be represented by a literary agent.

24 - How is a literary agent compensated?

Normally, the agent receives from 10% to 20% of the author's earnings corresponding to a specific work.

25 - How will literary agents and publishers be made aware of my works?
Aside from their periodical searches, many literary agents and publishers want to receive our alert messages. This means they will be automatically informed every time the portal receives a new work that fits their editorial line and their search criteria.
26 - What features are available to literary agents and publishers?
There are many tools available to agents and publishers at PUBLISHERS' DESK.
For instance:

1) Advanced searches covering the whole works database (by genre, language, keywords, author experience, etc.);
2) Choice List, which allows that works found today be revisited later;
3) Private Area, by which works registered via the agent's or publisher's website are exclusively available to them, while maintaining all other features;
4) Alert messages, by which agents and publishers are automatically informed every time the portal receives a new work that fits their editorial line and their search criteria;
5) The possibility of networking immediately with any other literary agent or publisher registered at the portal, from any country in the world.
27 - How does the contact work between agent and author?
It is simple:

1) The agent selects the work he or she wishes to represent. This work will appear on the agent’s Choice List and the author is immediately informed.
2) The author contacts the agent directly and both parties decide whether they will sign a contract or not, and what will be its terms. If they sign a contract, and after this contract is validated, the author must inform the system by clicking on CONFIRM, in this work’s registry (where this agent’s contact is shown). If a contract is not signed, the author must click on DECLINE, in the same work’s registry.
3) The agent receives a message from the portal, informing him or her of the author’s selection.
4) If the author selects CONFIRM (which means the contract was signed), the work will be bound to the agent, meaning all contacts from publishers will generate a message to them, as well as the regular message to the author.

- During the period before the author’s selection, the agent may also give up representing the work. In this case, the author will receive a message from the portal communicating this.
- Even after the confirmation of the representation, at any time either party can cancel the commitment, and the portal will inform the other party. Clearly, this cancellation only confirms, in the portal, a contract cancellation that has already been formalized by the parties.

28 - What is the Gold Star Award?

The Gold Star Award is a way to acknowledge the quality of a well written work. Through the Gold Star, agents and publishers understand the author accredits his work, and PUBLISHERS' DESK endorses the quality of the text.

29 - How can I get a Gold Star Award for my book?

The author requests the evaluation for a Gold Star in the book registration form. PUBLISHERS' DESK will then analyze the quality of the text and may or may not award the Gold Star to the work submitted. For analyzing the book, the author will pay PUBLISHERS' DESK a small fee, currently set at US$ 19.99.
Only subscribing authors can request the evaluation for the Gold Star.

30 - If there is a charge for the Gold Star Award, won't it always be conferred to those who pay?

There is no charge for the Gold Star Award. There is a service charge for the evaluation of the book. If the text is not qualified for this award, one will not be given. PUBLISHERS' DESK must use a degree of severity in this analysis because it will be later evaluated by agents and publishers who perform searches using the portal.

Attention: The review process for the Gold Star Award includes using the resources of PUBLISHERS' DESK or external consultants, and may not occur in case of unavailability of these resources. In such case, no charges will apply.

31 - For the Gold Star analysis, will the evaluator read the work completely?

No. This analysis does not consider the plot, the composition of the characters nor the creativity of the author. It focuses on the quality of the text, the construction of sentences and the grammar. If authors wish a more complete analysis, they should contract a reviser or a critical reader for their book. PUBLISHERS' DESK does not provide these, but has a SERVICES section where industry professionals offer a variety of services. This provision does not imply any endorsements from PUBLISHERS' DESK.

32 - If I hire an outside service for critical reading, could this result qualify me for a Gold Star Award?

Absolutely, and at no cost. We only need to know if the items relevant to the Gold Star are positively evaluated by the critical reader.

33 - What is a Query Letter and how can I write a good one?

This is a document that introduces your book to agents and publishers, briefly and objectively. During the inclusion of your work, you will be advised on the best way to write this letter.

34 - What is the purpose of the Exhibited Text?

It is a small text, up to 350 characters long, that will appear on PUBLISHERS' DESK's main page on a rotational basis, so that agents and publishers may get to know a little about your work (book or short work) before even performing a search in the system. It is an excerpt of the work itself and must follow some guidelines for standardization. The guidelines are listed next to this text entry field.

35 - What is a synopsis and how can I write a good synopsis?

It is a brief summary of the book, a concise presentation of what is in the work. During the admittance of your book, you will be advised on the best way to write a synopsis.

36 - Can I offer my works only to certain types of publishers?

Yes. PUBLISHERS' DESK already performs an important part of this task, suggesting your book to publishers that specializes in your genre.

Besides, you can decide at anytime whether to allow your works to be solicited to subsidy publishers. This configuration applies to email alerts only. For active searches made by them, however, your works will always be visible.

Additionally, you may select the countries in which you wish your book to be promoted.

37 - What are subsidy publishers and how do they work?

As it is with conventional publishers, subsidy publishers are, in its vast majority, serious and well-intentioned companies. They provide a good service for authors, allowing their works to reach the market faster. However, as they offer to publish the author's work as an operation that is totally or partially funded by the author himself, some authors prefer not to provide their works to these publishers.
It is important to point out that, even though PUBLISHERS' DESK allows this to be configured by the author, this definition applies only to alert messages sent by the portal, and subsidy publishers may still find their work on regular searches. Being a subsidy publisher or not, the portal makes sure that each contact results from a real selection process, based on the quality of the work.

38 - How can I find out how many times my works have been viewed?

You can see how many visits each work received. When an agent or publisher wishes to make contact, you will receive a message with detailed information (name, phone number or e-mail).

39 - I've finished my registration and posted my works, but I don't see my name or the titles of my books on the lists. Why?

Considering that you are already a subscriber, during the registration process you may have selected that your name should be visible only to agents and publishers. With your works, the same must have occurred: you configured it so that only these professionals could see them.

If you are not a subscriber, remember that your works will be visible only on promotional dates.

Please note that agents and publishers do not search works by the alphabetical lists. For them, PUBLISHERS' DESK is like a "Google" of works offered for publication, where they can perform advanced searches by genres, keywords, languages, site recommendations, etc. To better understand how these professionals use the system, we suggest watching the video "How agents and publishers search", at our instruction videos area.

40 - My name and/or my work appear on the lists, but only on page 15 under the letter J. How will an agent or a publisher find my name or my works if they appear this way?

Please note that agents and publishers do not search works by the alphabetical lists. For them, PUBLISHERS' DESK is like a "Google" of works offered for publication, where they can perform advanced searches by genres, keywords, languages, site recommendations, etc. To better understand how these professionals use the system, we suggest watching the video "How agents and publishers search", at our instruction videos area.

41 - My book has already been published. Can I still put it on the PUBLISHERS' DESK?

Sure you can. However, it is important to check your book's publishing agreement in order to confirm the countries and/or languages that are still available for publication. On your book's registration page you are able to choose where you wish your book to be promoted.

42 - I would like to publish my book only in certain countries. Can I choose agents and publishers of specific countries?

Yes, you can configure to which countries each of your works will be offered. This selection is simple and is available on your book's registration page. To better understand, please refer to our instruction videos.

43 - Do I need to translate my book for the agents and publishers of other countries? If I need to, how do I do that?

There are agents and publishers of many countries that work in a variety of languages, and are able to evaluate foreign works. However, if you wish your work to be widely noticed and assessed by professionals of a specific language, the best option is to have it presented already in that language. At PUBLISHERS' DESK there is a section dedicated to service providers, where you can find ads from a variety of literary services, including translation.

44 - If I cannot pay, will agents and publishers still see my works?

If you can not afford a subscription, it's still worth keeping your works presentable at PUBLISHERS' DESK. This is because once a month, for a 24-hour period, PUBLISHERS' DESK promotes its DESK DAY, in which all the works on the portal are accessible to agents and/or publishers - always respecting each author's configurations and restrictions.
Note: On DESK DAY, works are promoted only to agents and/or publishers from the author's home country.

45 - What are the subscription plans offered by PUBLISHERS' DESK?

The plans are semi-annual and annual, with single payments of US$ 49.99 and US$ 59.99, respectively.

46 - Why isn't the service provided by PUBLISHERS' DESK free to authors?
Besides the fixed costs of maintenance and control for a website this size, PUBLISHERS' DESK needs resources to manage a constant communication strategy with a great number of agents and publishers. Although not free, the amount invested by the author to publish their works through PUBLISHERS' DESK is much less than what would be spent contacting only three or four publishers directly.
47 - How could referring others to PUBLISHERS' DESK help me?

For each new subscriber you refer, you will receive a 20% discount on your renewal. With 5 subscribers indicated your renewal will be free, whichever plan you have!

So, if you indicate:

1 author  - 20% DISCOUNT on renewal - i.e. semi-annual renewal: US$ 39.99
2 authors - 40% DISCOUNT on renewal - i.e. semi-annual renewal: US$ 29.99
3 authors - 60% DISCOUNT on renewal - i.e. semi-annual renewal: US$ 19.99
4 authors - 80% DISCOUNT on renewal - i.e. semi-annual renewal: US$ 9.99
5 authors - 100% DISCOUNT on renewal - i.e. semi-annual renewal: FREE

Note 1: It is necessary that the subscribers declare on their registration form that they were indicated by you. It is also necessary that they become subscribers.

Note 2: Discounts offered cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions and discounts.

48 - How do I make a payment?

Payments to PUBLISHERS' DESK are securely made via reliable online payment services (which accept credit and debit cards, bank transfers, etc).

49 - When making a payment, will you receive my credit card data?
PUBLISHERS' DESK has no access to your credit card data. Payment is made directly to the international payment gateway, using secure servers and encrypted transmission.
50 - If I become a subscriber, will my renewal be automatically made?
No. When your subscription's expiration date comes, you will be notified and consulted regarding your interest in renewing it or not. Should you want to renew, you will have to make a new payment.
51 - How many works can I send to PUBLISHERS' DESK?

There are no limits. You can send as many books, proposals or short works as you want, including combinations of the same. (*)

(*) The works must be authored by the subscriber.
(*) The subscription for an unlimited number of works is a temporary promotion, which may be suspended by PUBLISHERS' DESK without notice. The suspension will apply only to contracts validated after the date of modification.

52 - How does PUBLISHERS' DESK relate to agents and publishers, both local and international?

The best way possible. At PUBLISHERS' DESK, agents and publishers have free access and get the red carpet treatment. Our strategy includes maintaining personal contact with the necessary frequency and attracting new publishers through invitations and focalized advertising efforts, among other initiatives.

53 - Why do agents and publishers use PUBLISHERS' DESK?

Because it is very advantageous for them to do so. It can be a valued asset in reducing the volume of unsolicited manuscripts. The conventional way of evaluating works submitted to them demands a lot of time and resources. It is much faster and smarter to perform searches directly with PUBLISHERS' DESK, where the works are professionally presented following specifically designed criteria. PUBLISHERS' DESK increases performance and cuts costs for both agents and publishers.

54 - How does PUBLISHERS’ DESK see selfpublishing or independent publishing?
We respect independent publishing, as long as it is done with diligence. In our opinion, independent publishing and the quest for a traditional publisher are complementary efforts by the author, and both initiatives can be simultaneously pursued.
55 - I was contacted by an agent or publisher through PUBLISHERS' DESK, but I have doubts about some topics we discussed. How can I better understand this process?

If you have been approached by one of the agents or publishers registered at PUBLISHERS' DESK and you have doubts or feel insecure regarding any issue, please contact us at support_24h@publishersdesk.com. PUBLISHERS' DESK will do everything possible to provide you the best advice, confidentially and impartially.

56 - How can I hire a proofreader or an illustrator for my work?
At PUBLISHERS' DESK we have an area designed for people offering services related to publishing. There, you will probably be able to find the professional you are looking for.

Please visit our portal, and at the lower part of the page click on "Search", under "Service Providers".
Visit our portal, click on "Get started now", then on the "Services" sphere. After this, click on the second box at the right side of the screen.

PUBLISHERS' DESK has no legal responsibility with any party regarding this potential employment, nor regarding the service provided by this professional. We recommend requesting references related to the specific service you need.
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