OK. Anyway, it is a good idea to keep your works on our portal. Please see below the main differences between using our portal as a subscriber versus using it as a non-subscriber:

NON-SUBSCRIBER: your works are promoted to agents and publishers in your home country only, and solely on promotional dates, such as DESK DAY. They will not be informed about your works and, other than on this date, they will not be able to see them in their searches on the portal. International promotion is not performed for non-subscribers, even on DESK DAY. And the author is not informed about visits to their works.

SUBSCRIBER: your works are promoted to all agents and/or publishers registered on the portal (you decide if the promotion is to agents, to publishers or to both), for the duration of your subscription term, without interruption. And the author is informed about the number of visits their works receive.

So, even if you decide to not subscribe for the moment, keeping your works on the portal is better than leaving them off. Although the best option, surely, is to become a subscriber and have your work promoted to the professionals who will publish them.
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